Samsung 32L Wi-Fi enabled Convection Microwave Oven( MC32B7382QC,Clean Charcoal)

Brand Samsung
Capacity 32 L
Colour Clean Charcoal
Oven Cooking Mode Convection
SKU: MC32B7382QC


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Product Type Convection
Oven Capacity 32L
Color(Door)Clean Charcoal
Smart Convection Microwave – WiFi enabled, Connected with Smartthings app
Masala Tadka & Sun-Dry
Slim fry, Healthy Steam Cook
Multi-Spit, Steam Bowl, Crusty Plate
Wide Grill, Big Turn Table, Touch & Dial Control
Ceramic Enamel Cavity
Year 2022
Country of Origin Malaysia
Manufactured by
Samsung Electronics (M) SDN BHD , 42000, Lot2, Lebuh 2, North Klang Straits, Area 21 Industrial Park, Port Klang, Selangor, Darul Ehsan West , Malaysia
Imported by
Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. having its Registered Office at: 6th Floor, DLF Centre, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001

From the manufacturer
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Smart Control (Wi-Fi Connectivity)
SmartThings Cooking
Wide Grill

Cook even smarter

Shows the microwave oven on the counter top of a modern kitchen.

Easy control anytime

Smart Control (Wi-Fi Connectivity)

Adjust the microwave oven’s settings with just your voice or a mobile App. Using a voice recognition assistant*, like Samsung Bixby**, Amazon Alexa*** or Google Assistant****, you can simply tell it what to do. And the SmartThings App***** also lets you monitor the microwave oven’s functions.

Shows a person using the SmartThings app on their smartphone, with a Wi-Fi symbol highlighting that it has a wireless connection to the microwave oven. The app displays the status and settings of the oven, including the temperature and remaining cooking time. Logos for Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant also show that it works with these voice recognition assistants, so you can say things like &quot"Hi Bixby, check the remaining cooking time.&quot"

* A Wi-Fi connection is required.** Bixby is Samsung’s brand of artificial intelligence (AI) / Internet of Things (IoT) voice assistant. Bixby service availability may vary depending on country. Bixby recognizes selected languages and certain accents/dialects. The user interface may change and differ by device. The availability of Bixby features and content providers may vary depending on the country/carrier/language/device model/OS version. A Samsung account log-in and data network connection (Wi-Fi or data network) are required.*** Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.Com, Inc. or its affiliates.**** Google is a trademark of Google LLC.***** Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

Simply effortless cooking, in less time

SmartThings Cooking

Save time and effort cooking meals. It recommends the optimal cooking mode for dishes. Based on your preferences, it also suggests personalized recipes**. You can send the recipes on your smartphone directly to the oven*** and then just press the start button. And it creates a weekly meal plan.

Shows a person holding a smartphone with the SmartThings Cooking app, which is showing a weekly meal planner with recipes suggested for each day. Two other screens from the SmartThings Cooking app show how you can search for recipes and view detailed cooking instructions for each recipe.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection is required. **Available is certain languages, including English, Spanish and Korean.*** Only available for certain recipes included in the microwave oven’s menu.

Enjoy healthier, crispy fried food

Slim Fry™

Enjoy healthier fried food without using a deep fat fryer. Slim Fry™ technology circulates hot air that envelops food, so it is cooked crispy outside and juicy inside using only a touch of oil. As well as eliminating excess fat it also means that there are no greasy pans or hot oil splatters!

Shows a selection of different foods, including potato wedges, chicken nuggets with French fries and samosas, that have been fried in a small amount of oil using Slim Fry™.

Grill more evenly

Wide Grill

Grill and brown all of the food in the oven more evenly using the Wide Grill. Unlike conventional microwave ovens, its wider shaper covers up to 99%”* of the interior space and delivers a more consistent heat distribution. So you can enjoy perfectly grilled and browned food every time.

Shows the inside of the microwave oven with the Wide Grill being used to grill and brown a whole plate of chicken pieces.

* Based on internal testing. Results may vary depending on individual use

Make homemade dough and curd anytime

Dough Proof/Curd

Make your own fresh food with much less hassle and without the expense of any specialist equipment. Using the Fermentation Function you can prepare homemade dough or curd anytime of the day. It sets just the right temperature for proofing cake, bread or pizza dough or making natural curd.

Shows a plate of homemade curd next to some slices of bread. One slice has curd spread on it with a coriander leaf garnish.

Home sun-dry & spices

Masala & Sun Dry™

Make delicious spices, seasoning and snacks. Masala Mode evenly roasts and browns masala spice, without continuously stirring it. Tadka Mode cooks ingredients for the optimum time to create truly aromatic Tadka seasoning. And with Sun Dry™ Mode you can enjoy tasty sun-dried snacks in minutes.

Shows a selection of spices prepared using Masala Mode, which ensures even cooking and perfect browning of Masala. It also shows a bowl of dried banana slices prepared using Sun Dry Mode, which can sun dry your favorite food in minutes, not in days. And it shows a pot of Tadka seasoning, next to a metal Balti bowl of curry, prepared using Tadka Mode, which makes Tadka without the risk of burning and saves time.

Easy cook local food

Indian Recipe

Save time finding the perfect recipe to create traditional home cooked dishes. The Indian Recipe function lets you easily access a wide variety of pre-programmed local recipes, like Chicken Tikka, Keema Kofta and Chana Chaat. You can quickly start making any dishes with a touch of the button.

Shows a large selection of different Indian dishes and a close-up of a person using the microwave oven's Glass Touch control panel to select the Indian Recipe option.

Stylish and intuitive fingertip control

Glass Touch & Simple UX

Enjoy a more intuitive and seamlessly stylish way to cook. The Glass Touch control panel means you can simply select the cooking functions and adjust the settings with a light touch of your finger. And, being completely made of glass, it is easy to clean and creates a stylishly minimalist look.

Shows a person using the function buttons of the minimalist looking Glass Touch control panel with a touch of their finger.

Easy to keep clean and hygienic interior

Ceramic Inside

Clean up much more easily. The CERAMIC INSIDE™ can be cleaned without scrubbing and won’t discolor. Hohenstein confirms that the product “enamel of microwave oven” shows an antibacterial activity of 99.9%”*. And it is about 24x more scratch resistant than stainless steel** and rust resistant.

* Based on testing in accordance with the ISO 22196 standard. Prevents the growth of 99.9%” of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.** Based on internal testing in the Global Technology Center of Samsung in accordance with the ISO 20502 standard. For a critical load of scratches, the CERAMIC INSIDE™ enamel is about 24x more durable than stainless steel.

Shows a person wiping clean the smooth and durable CERAMIC INSIDE™ surface of the microwave oven's cavity. Icons show that the surface has &quot"High scratch resistance&quot", provides &quot"Anti-bacterial protection&quot" and is &quot"Easy to clean&quot".

Easily BBQ at home

Multi Spit

Prepare delicious barbeque food at home. The Multi Spit has 6 kebab skewers and enables even heating. You can easily barbecue kebabs, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and pieces of fruit, as well as Indian food like tikkas. Any fat or juice drips down on to a glass plate, so it is easy to clean.

Shows the inside of the microwave oven with the Multi Spit below the Wide Grill. A variety of vegetable and meat kebabs are being cooked on the 6 kebab skewers. A glass plate is underneath the skewers to capture any fat or juice that drips down.